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CIO Strategy Council joins Data Collaboration Alliance partner program

The CIO Strategy Council is Canada’s primary national forum for bringing together the country’s most forward-thinking Chief Information Officers and IT leaders to establish and mobilize common digital priorities.

The CIO Strategy Council (CIOSC) is a national not-for-profit corporation established in July 2017 and provides a forum for public and private sector members to transform, shape, and influence the Canadian information and technology ecosystem.

Why the CIO Strategy Council?

The CIO Strategy Council was created in response to an urgent need to kickstart a strategic and collective approach to addressing issues that transcend the ability of any one person or organization to tackle.

The Council provides access to a trusted peer group for mutual support, interaction, and learning in a manner that helps each member transform their organization, shape their vendor landscape and influence the Canadian IT ecosystem. The CIO Strategy Council is like no other standards-setting organization.

The Council is dedicated to removing barriers to participate in standards-setting activities. They value your time and your expertise and are committed to ensuring your participation is a positive one. The CIO Strategy Council standards setting is free to play, open by default, and fully transparent

About the Data Collaboration Alliance

The Data Collaboration Alliance is a nonprofit organization that’s committed to the advancement of meaningful Data Ownership and global Collaborative Intelligence.

Our approach of minimizing and ultimately eliminating data copies in order to establish the necessary control that's required to deliver these outcomes is similar to how societies already manage currency, identity, and intellectual property - and it works for data, too.

We’re also inspired by natural design and architecture of the brain which provides a blueprint for the Collaborative Web - a decentralized global infrastructure for data and applications that supports shared intelligence and accelerated problem-solving without compromising Data Ownership.

Our advisors include the Executive Director of the Mozilla Foundation and the ex-CIO of Dropbox.

Our activities:



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