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EdgeworthBox joins Data Collaboration Alliance partner program

The Data Collaboration Alliance is excited to welcome new partner EdgeworthBox who offer a platform to help buyers find the right solution, from the right supplier, at the right price.

EdgeworthBox is an exchange, but instead of trades in financial contracts, buyers on their platform purchase real goods and services.

Buying is difficult. EdgeworthBox helps buyers address their problems by making it easy to find the right solution, from the right supplier, at the right price. Modern cloud-based sourcing tools suit large enterprise procurement. They don’t work for smaller companies or for individual business lines.

These other platforms are tough to implement. They require extensive training to use. They are expensive to carry. Typically, only procurement people actually use them. Often, they have loads of features that nobody employs.

EdgeworthBox Takes a Different Approach.

EdgeworthBox gives users only the features they need and threw in a couple of features that work in capital markets, too.

For example, they enable people to share vendor onboarding so it’s faster and cheaper for everyone. Also, they put in a social network so everyone is connected to everyone else on the platform. You can even check each other out without letting them know you’re interested until you are.

About the Data Collaboration Alliance

The Data Collaboration Alliance is a nonprofit organization that’s committed to the advancement of meaningful Data Ownership and global Collaborative Intelligence. Our approach of eliminating data copies is actually similar to how societies already protect the value of currency, identity, and intellectual property, and it works for data, too.

We also take inspiration from the brain, nature's most amazing invention, to support the establishment of a new global infrastructure of connected datasets that makes true collaboration on data between people and organizations possible.

Our advisors include the Executive Director of the Mozilla Foundation and the ex-CIO of Dropbox.

What we do:



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