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Our partnership program has been purpose-built to foster mutually-benefical relationships - and because true collaboration should be frictionless, there are no membership fees.

Joining the Data Collaboration Alliance sends a powerful signal that your organization supports the global movement for meaningful data ownership and a more inclusive, efficient, and collaborative approach to digital innovation.

100% of sponsorship funds go towards helping maintain the free digital-for-good solutions hosted in our Collaboration Hub.

Partner opportunities


Sponsor a solution

Purchase a banner for one of the free digital-for-good solutions in our Collaboration Hub and generate backlink/visits. Learn more

Adopt a dataset

Recruit one or more volunteers to act as custodians for a dataset in our Collaboration Hub. Get free banner/backlink/visits. Learn more

Host a data collaboration project

Organize a data sharing project in our Collaboration Hub to help power one or more digital-for-good solutions. Learn more

Connect data source

Connect a dataset (via API, CSV) to our Collaboration Hub. The data is never copied and partners retain 100% control of access.

Access datasets

Connect (via API) to one or more of the datasets in our Collaboration Hub to support your for-good initiative. [Coming soon]

Record profile video

Book a session to record a partner video. We'll do the editing and share via our social pages and newsletter.

Record demo video

Book a session to showcase your solution or service which we'll edit and share via our blog, social pages, and newsletter.


Contribute insightful content

Submit text or video pieces about data ownership, governance, and/or the future of apps. Get awareness, backlinks, visits. Learn more



Complete form below and book a discovery call (optional).


Review and sign our electronic partner agreement. View template.


We guide you through initial opportunities, including recording a profile video for our blog.

Partner Enquiry Form

Please check your email inbox for next steps. Note: you may need to check your spam folder.

Partner Inquiry
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