Join the movement for meaningful Data Ownership and inclusive

Data Collaboration

Partnering with the Data Collaboration Alliance is free and we invite all organizations who share our mission and vision to join us in creating a new approach to technology that prioritizes meaningful data ownership and inclusive innovation.

Support data-centric skills


Your students, members, and employees can enroll in Data Collaboration University which offers free training in data literacy, data-centric skills, and the Data Collaboration methodology. We also develop sponsored and co-created courses with our partners.

Promote your thought leaders

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Joining the Alliance offers opportunities for your executives and rising stars to raise their professional profile in data privacy and IT democratization via guest blogging, podcast panels, and event appearances. 

Enrich your brand

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Joining the Data Collaboration Alliance sends a powerful signal to the market that your organization and leadership team are aligned with the global movement for increased data control, data ownership and inclusive innovation.

Showcase your technology

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Many of our partners are pioneers in the development privacy, regulatory, and compliance technologies. Joining the alliance provides opportunities to demo your technology and support proofs of concept within the iOWN Sandbox ecosystem.

Support your data-centric teams


Your privacy, compliance, UX, data management, and IT leaders are welcome to join our iOWN community which offers professional networking, free productivity tools, open datasets, and

data privacy experiments.

Engage your skills leaders


Your HR, training, and team leaders with a passion for skills development can join our Data Skills Council and contribute to the curriculum, courses, and learning path design at

Data Collaboration University.