How do you accelerate the delivery of new technologies while simultaneously improving Data Governance and Data Ownership?

The Data Collaboration Alliance is a member of the Technical Committee for Zero-Copy Integration, a proposed Standard being developed by the CIO Strategy Council of Canada.


This bold initiative will provide CIOs with guidelines for building new digital solutions without the overhead and risk of traditional, copy-based integration.


Canada's Chief Information Officers and technology leaders are faced with a growing challenge when it comes to data governance.


On one hand, they are required to accelerate the launch of new digital services in order to take advantage of 5G, IoT, artificial intelligence, cloud-hosting, and other leading-edge technologies.


At the same time, regulators and advocacy groups are demanding that more control be given to the people and organizations who contribute 'digital raw materials' to these services in the form of their data, which can include their most sensitive information.


The proposed standard for Zero-Copy Integration is intended to provide startups, nonprofits, enterprise companies, and public sector agencies with guidelines  to  build  new digital services without replicating data.


This leverages innovations including ‘network-based’  data management designs which use centralized, collaborative environments for building new applications, systems, automations, and analytics and eliminate the need for solution-specific databases.


The proposed standard for Zero-Copy Integration  will also   reflect the owner-defined access controls that propel collaboration within network-based data management environments.   Because the   ecosystem is copy-less, these controls are universal in nature.   This  is similar in principle  to  the way society protects  the value of intellectual property or  currency.


The elimination of copies  also has significant positive impact on data usage  reporting and compliance auditability.


For established CIOs in Canada, contributing to this new standard is   an incredible   opportunity to help  accelerate   our nation's data-centric future, provide our organizations with  the tools to lead the world on Data Governance,  and to support the global movement for meaningful data ownership.

The Data Collaboration Alliance is a nonprofit that's dedicated to a future where data is fully-controlled by its owners and a more inclusive generation of technologists are empowered to build data-centric solutions without the friction of complex data integration.


We’re advancing new data management technologies, standards, and methodologies that eliminate the replication of data and place secure collaboration between people and systems at the heart of digital service innovation.


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