Data Collaboration Manifesto

The Data Collaboration Alliance believes that control is the foundation for meaningful data ownership and they key to limitless co-creation.

Universal Control

The ability to view and change data must always be controlled by the data owner. Any changes to data access must take effect immediately.

Universal Ownership

All data must be owned by a single citizen or corporation at all times. Subject to mutual consent, data owners can designate the management of their data to third parties (custodians) but owners retain accountability at all times.

Universal Access

The only reason why a collaborator should not be able to view, edit, or operationalize any dataset is the absence of permission from data owners.





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The Data Collaboration Alliance is a nonprofit that's dedicated to a future where data is fully-controlled by its owners and a more inclusive generation of technologists are empowered to build data-centric solutions without the friction of complex data integration.


We’re advancing new data management technologies, standards, and methodologies that eliminate the replication of data and place secure collaboration between people and systems at the heart of digital service innovation.


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