Our Advisory Board is looking for individuals who are able to make referrals and recommendations to help our programs succeed. Please get in touch if you are considered a leader in your domain and our mission aligns with your professional and personal goals.



Mark Surman (USA/Canada)


Mark is Executive Director of the Mozilla Foundation, a global nonprofit that does everything from making Firefox to standing up for issues like online privacy. Mark is focused on fueling the broader internet health movement by working with citizens, technologists and civic leaders around the worldLinkedIn


Hema Lakkaraju (USA)


Hema Lakkaraju is an international author, speaker, and the CEO and Co-Founder of HAYG Corp. Hema provides data-driven strategic compliance solutions and consulting services to the healthcare and life sciences industries. LinkedIn


Paul Banwatt (Canada)

Paul is an associate at Gilbert’s LLP. Paul's practice focuses on emerging technologies, music, entertainment, and high-tech IP litigation. LinkedIn


Kristin Riddell (Canada)


Kristin is an Ottawa-based principal of curriculum working with schools, schoolboards, post-secondary institutions, other districts, and central agencies to build educational excellence. LinkedIn


Mia Champion (USA)

Based in Seattle, Mia has been a global trailblazer in life sciences, healthcare, machine learning and cloud computing. Mia is committed to helping shape a future where technology contributes to the betterment of humanity. LinkedIn


Richard Mullane (USA)


Richard is a California-based architect, urban designer, and urban planner with experience in transport infrastructure, commercial and education campuses, and waterfront precincts. LinkedIn


Sylvie Veilleux (USA/Canada)


Sylvie is the CIO at Dropbox and a global leader who has helped some of today’s largest technology organizations, including Apple, Salesforce, Mozilla and Dropbox, to scale for growth. Sylvie brings a deep understanding of developing technology transformation roadmaps and implementing scaleable governanceLinkedIn


Adam Samson (USA)


Adam is a US-based healthcare research professional with expertise in global and single center studies and clinical trial phases across multiple therapeutic areas including endocrinology, cardiovascular, respiratory, and infectious disease. LinkedIn


Brenda Cunnington (Canada)


Brenda is the Managing Director, Americas, for Trayport at TMX Group.  Brenda has over 25 years of financial sector experience, bringing a deep understanding of market structure with a strategic view across multiple asset classes. Her experience includes market data, trading, capital formation, crypto/digital assets, and energy/commodities. LinkedIn


Rohit Kumar


Rohit is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Toronto based boutique techno-management consulting firm, The Honest Consultants. LinkedIn


John Durland (Canada)

John is an associate at Gilbert’s LLP, where his practice spans the corporate, commercial, and intellectual property issues relevant to growing businesses, specifically technology companies where data governance issues are at the forefront. LinkedIn


XinChi Yang (Canada)


XinChi is an enterprise B2B product manager. XinChi's product experience focuses on data architecture and she is passionate about building solutions with a data first mindset. LinkedIn

The Data Collaboration Alliance is a nonprofit that's dedicated to a future where data is fully-controlled by its owners and a more inclusive generation of technologists are empowered to build data-centric solutions without the friction of complex data integration.


We’re advancing new data management technologies, standards, and methodologies that eliminate the replication of data and place secure collaboration between people and systems at the heart of digital service innovation.


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