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Anonomatic joins Data Collaboration Alliance partner program

The Data Collaboration Alliance is excited to welcome new partner Anonomatic, a privacy technology company providing a PII Vault solution with 100% data accuracy and full international data privacy compliance.

Anonomatic’s mission is to make data privacy secure, simple and cost effective. The company created the PII Vault solution to allow researchers, business analysts, data scientists and others to safely share and process data without the risk of exposing personally identifiable information (PII) with 100% data accuracy and full international data privacy compliance.

Anonomatic’s roots began in an ambitious project to merge academic and healthcare data for hundreds of thousands of students. Over the course of four years, Anonomatic designed and built what is now known as the Data xChange from The L.A. Trust for Children’s Health. The L.A. Trust oversees all of the 100+ healthcare service facilities for the Los Angeles Unified School District. To deliver unprecedented insights, PII Vault V1.0 Poly-Anonymized half a billion medical and academic records and anonymously matched them at the individual level.

This unprecedented accomplishment heralds a new era of data analytics, AI and machine learning. No longer will data science efforts have to be restricted and limited by the PII within the data. With the deep experience as entrepreneurs and in supplying enterprise solutions, our founders knew that this capability, offered as a SaaS API, could address many of the challenges inherent in all fields of data science today.

Together, Matt and Neil formed Anonomatic to bring this capability to every industry where PII is key and privacy compliance is critical. Data and Privacy Experts who are passionate about helping organizations solve PII compliance.

About the Data Collaboration Alliance

The Data Collaboration Alliance is a nonprofit dedicated to helping the World's people, teams, and organizations get full control of their information. We see the elimination of copies as the key to supporting control, meaningful data ownership, and the transformative power of global Collaborative Intelligence.

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