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Startpage joins Data Collaboration Alliance partner program

The Data Collaboration Alliance is excited to welcome new partner Startpage, a leading privacy technology company providing the World’s first and most private search engine.

Startpage is a leading privacy technology company. Founded in the Netherlands in 2006, the company created the world’s first and most private search engine that has grown to become the preferred choice of anyone who cares about accurate search results as much as they care about their privacy. Startpage search doesn’t track, log, share or sell user data or search history.

Since then, the company has launched private search features like “Anonymous View,” which allows users to browse other websites without being tracked, as well as “Startpage Privacy Protection,” a desktop browser extension that protects people’s personal data across the internet.

Startpage partners with Google for best-in-class search results and applies their proprietary anonymizing process to protect users' online privacy. The company delivers completely un-profiled search results and protects consumers from annoying ads and price trackers.

Startpage protects their world-wide users by adhering to the stringent Dutch and EU privacy laws, including GDPR. To find out more about how to change to the world’s most private search engine, read installing the Startpage browser extension or setting Startpage as your default homepage. Follow the company on Twitter @startpage.

About the Data Collaboration Alliance

The Data Collaboration Alliance is a nonprofit dedicated to helping the World's people, teams, and organizations get full control of their information. We see the elimination of copies as the key to supporting control, meaningful data ownership, and the transformative power of global Collaborative Intelligence.

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