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Asemio Joins the Data Collaboration Alliance

Asemio is a technology consulting company passionate about the architecture, development, and implementation of community data systems.

Tell us about Asemio

Asemio is a social enterprise and we are absolutely passionate about improving public health and economic wellbeing for the better part of a decade. We have been working with communities to design and adopt data and technology platforms to improve social outcomes

Our team really offers a kind of a unique blend of domain expertise and the technical knowledge that is really well suited to partnering with these communities as they tackle complex social problems

We have folks that came from state and local government, who came from community-based organizations, some folks who came with a Fortune 500 background, others worked on consulting agencies or startups. But we all come together really united by a common desire to do good in the world and the way that we know how.

We've really built our business and our growth strategy on a philosophical combination of science and story. We're a technology organization, we work with data, but there's an equal importance on understanding the experience of people and the stories that they have to tell and you need both of these to really gain the knowledge you need to make informed decisions and to know what's going on in the world

What's your relationship with data?

In addition to our belief in the power of social enterprise, we really try to foster a culture of collaboration internally and with our partners as well as individual leadership so we're not missing any voices. We have a team of data scientists, software engineers, architects management consultants, and we're based here in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

We're really grateful to have an exceptional client and partner base. Our services and products have been contributing to some national initiatives like the Robert Wood Johnson Data Across Sectors for Health (DASH) program. Some of our technology platforms have been featured in publications by the University of Pennsylvania's Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy.

We're just grateful to work in such an amazing community and data is central to what we do. We work with community-based organizations and these organizations are supporting communities that are just reeling from the ramifications of both historical and current systemic oppression. We work with sensitive data, we work in the health and human services, education, and criminal justice domains, and we have a responsibility to help those who are working to support these communities gain knowledge but never at the expense of those who we're ultimately trying to support and we've really infused this ethical mandate into everything that we'll do.

Our privacy-preserving technology platform spotlight was really developed with this in mind, developed with a security-first design. We're big believers in the Five Safes Framework and just really it's a central thread to everything that we do.

Why the Data Collaboration Alliance?

We were so excited when we found out about the DCA because we really found in the DCA a like-minded organization that is doing great work and really offering an alternative way of thinking and an approach to data sharing and data ownership. And in our social impact domain, the presence of these really wicked social problems means that there is way more work than any single organization can tackle alone. Because of the nature of these problems, it really means that we need as many minds as possible to tackle these challenges, thinking about solutions and coming together to think about what we can do.

So if we silo our efforts, then a few people are going to benefit and certainly not the folks who needed the most. If we collaborate, then you know - like the rising tide lifts all boats. And that's really what we think the DCA is all about. So we are just thrilled to be a partner and to merge our efforts for stronger, healthier communities.

Your Invitation

I would really encourage anybody who is working in the social impact space - whether you're a part of a community-based organization, if you're a researcher, you work in policy, if you work in philanthropy - data, it's not going away. The conversation is really just getting started. So I would encourage you to check out the DCA and join us as we think about good solutions for creating better communities and keeping data protected.


The Data Collaboration Alliance is a nonprofit advancing meaningful data ownership and inclusive innovation through open research and free skills training. To learn more about our partnerships, the Information Ownership Network, or the Data Collaboration University, please visit



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