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YWCA Muskoka joins Data Collaboration Alliance partner program

The Data Collaboration Alliance is excited to welcome new partner YWCA Muskoka, a charitable organization that provides outreach educational services for women and youth in the Muskoka region.

YWCA Muskoka is a charitable organization that has been providing outreach educational services for women and youth in the Muskoka region for 25 years. 'A YW without Walls' - it is known for its responsive, community-based approaches to violence prevention and economic resilience through life skills and self-employment training, youth leadership development and poverty reduction. A staff team of just under 20 people deliver programs including Girlz Unplugged, Quest, Youth Co-Unite, Women in Business, Getting Ahead, and Circles Muskoka.

The organization has a Covid Relief Fund and a Dec 6th Fund for women leaving domestic violence. In 2021 it received a Special Recognition award from YWCA Canada for innovation in the development and delivery of youth programs. It was shortlisted for the international With and For Stars Award for grassroots social profit organizations in 2015.

YWCA Muskoka is proud to be one of the 32 member associations of YWCA Canada. YWCA Canada is a member of World YWCA, an international movement uniting some 25 million women working in over 100 countries to achieve social justice imperatives by increasing the participation of women at all levels of society.

About the Data Collaboration Alliance

The Data Collaboration Alliance is a nonprofit dedicated to helping the World's people, teams, and organizations get full control of their information. We see the elimination of copies as the key to supporting control, meaningful data ownership, and the transformative power of global Collaborative Intelligence.

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