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ShareData joins Data Collaboration Alliance

India-based startup ShareData has joined the Data Collaboration Alliance to support go-to-market for their affordable 'zero-copy' data collaboration platform that enables secure collaboration between businesses who need to comply with increasingly strict data regulations.

ShareData has joined the Data Collaboration Alliance

Accelerating Business Growth with Zero-Copy Data Collaboration between Businesses

Fifteen years after they first met, three college alumni - Mahesh, a seasoned data engineer; Sidharth, an aerospace engineer turned business analyst; and Gitanjali, a data analytics expert, reunited with a mission to revolutionize how businesses share data and derive value from data.

Despite working in different industries, they encountered similar problems, and soon developed a common vision for democratizing data sharing and empowering data owners to have better control of their data.

ShareData was born in order to create an affordable and decentralized data sharing network that can operate effectively while complying with data regulations like GDPR.

Control and collaboration

ShareData believes that all organizations should have the ability to open up their data for collaboration with other businesses to develop outcomes like better consumer experiences, faster medical research, better economic policies, and improved healthcare services.

At the same time, the utmost importance must be given to data security and data privacy in orderto ensure that data providers and owners have better control of how their data is used across businesses.

The ShareData platform makes this possible by enabling external data consumers with role-based access to analyse data directly from the source at the data provider. As a result, no data copies are created and only query results move between businesses with the necessary encryption and masking.

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About the Data Collaboration Alliance

The Data Collaboration Alliance is a nonprofit dedicated to advancing CONTROL as the key to unlocking true data ownership, simplified compliance, and digital solutions powered by super-intelligence. Our approach of reducing and ultimately eliminating data silos and copy-based data integration is similar to how societies already protect currency, identity, and intellectual property - and it works for data, too.

Our flagship project is the Collaboration Hub which enables companies and nonprofits to connect and/or crowdsource data for use in multiple digital-for-good solutions without generating data silos or copies. As a result, all stakeholders retain complete control over access to their information - including the right to delete.

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