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INQ Consulting joins Data Collaboration Alliance

INQ Consulting helps businesses use data smartly and securely by simplifying the complex and knowing how to make privacy and security practical.

About INQ Consulting

INQ Consulting knows data, privacy and security. We are a team of intensely curious and knowledgeable legal and consulting professionals. We ask the right questions, and propose smart, practical solutions to protect, secure and manage your data. All so you can unlock valuable advantages in your business.

Like many consulting practices, we started small. We built our reputation as the go-to consultancy for all things health privacy and data management. As the data landscape evolved and the data needs of clients and organizations expanded, we knew it was time to grow. Under one umbrella, we have the deep experience and broad expertise to help you stay ahead of emerging data challenges and make the most of the opportunities that lie ahead. We take you from idea to implementation and support you through operations in all things data.

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About the Data Collaboration Alliance

The Data Collaboration Alliance is a nonprofit that’s dedicated to establishing CONTROL as the basis for meaningful Data Ownership and global Collaborative Intelligence. Our approach of eliminating silos and copies is similar to how societies already protect the value of currency, identity, and intellectual property - and it works for data, too. Our advisors include the Executive Director of the Mozilla Foundation and the ex-CIO of Dropbox.

In concert with our partners we're actively building the future we want to see through our key programs:

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