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Now in BETA: The Data Privacy Gateway

Node Zero volunteers seeking feedback on free toolkit for Data Privacy pros, innovators, and researchers

The volunteer members of the Node Zero community have launched the BETA version of a 'Data Privacy Gateway' that has been developed as a free resource for Data Privacy professionals, lawyers, innovation teams, businesses, and researchers.

This is an amazing tool set for privacy professionals. We hope the Privacy Gateway becomes your go-to destination for privacy-related research and development projects.

- Priya Kesav, CEO, Meru Data and Data Steward, Node Zero community

The Beta version provides users with access to a range of privacy-related datasets, including:

  • Privacy news (curated and filterable by geography and tags)

  • Privacy podcasts

  • Data Protection regulators

  • Data Privacy laws - National and Regional

Visitors are being asked to share their feedback and ideas for improvements by clicking on the 'Beta feedback' button in the header. 💡

Powered by a Digital Brain

The Gateway is one of many projects and tools powered by a 'Dataware' platform, a new category in data management technology that uses Linked Data, Autonomous Data, a Data Browser, and other capabilities to enable users of all data skill levels (spreadsheet, database, data science) to collaborate on the creation of a "digital brain" for their organization.

It's like a data-centric operating system that is used to cross-connect existing apps and build unlimited new applications with a high degree of efficiency by eliminating solution-specific databases (data silos) and copy-based Data Integration.

For users and partners who contribute data, either directly or via API, the elimination of copies offers an unprecedented level of data ownership and data protection, including universal access controls, data portability, and data deletion (right to be forgotten).

For privacy pros like me, the Privacy Gateway is proof that digital innovation does not have to come at the expense of meaningful data ownership.

- Jeff Jockisch, Data Privacy researcher and Data Steward, Node Zero community

Joining Node Zero

Visitors to the new Gateway are encouraged to become contributors by joining the Node Zero initiative, a free community operated by the Data Collaboration Alliance nonprofit that invites data-centric professionals from multiple sectors to collaborate on data in support of free tools for their peers (such as the Data Privacy Gateway) and important global causes.

This is truly a collaborative effort to bring everything that could enhance your practice as a privacy professional. The only thing missing here is you. Please consider collaborating with us and we'll make this thing the World's greatest resource for privacy professionals.

- Tom Besore, Attorney/Owner at Thomas G. Besore and Data Steward, Node Zero


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