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Concentra bank joins Data Collaboration Alliance

Concentra is the wholesale bank and trust company for Canada’s credit unions.

Neal Oswald, COO and Senior Vice President at Concentra has also joined the alliance as a board advisor.

Concentra partners with credit unions to ensure their 5 million plus members across Canada can choose competitive financial services from their local credit union.

Concentra's suite of business solutions specializes in asset management, treasury needs, and trust solutions focusing on providing credit unions with effective strategies to improve financial performance, manage risk, and grow relationships with their members.

Concentra brings national connections to local credit unions, delivering expertise and financial clout to strengthen the credit union system.

Concentra continues to evolve as a dynamic wholesale bank within Canada's financial services industry. In fact, through continuance under the Bank Act on January 1, 2017, Concentra became the first schedule one chartered bank focused on providing financial services to Canada's credit union system.

With deep roots in the co-operative system, Concentra's Story is built on shared values and our commitment to success through serving credit unions from coast to coast.

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