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Volunteer as a Data Collaborator!

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Volunteer as a Data Collaborator to support important global causes, grow your professional reputation, and develop the data-centric skills of the future

Volunteer as a Data Collaborator in the Collaboration Hub hosted by the Data Collaboration Alliance

Our Collaboration Hub hosts a growing marketplace of free apps-for-good that address some of most critical challenges facing human beings and the planet.

But digital solutions are only as good as the data that powers them, and this where Data Collaborator volunteers come in!

What's involved?

Data Collaborators are granted special permissions by our Data Stewards to enables them to edit and enrich the data that powers our free applications. Volunteers can choose which app they would like to support (see below).

Their activities make an immediate and direct impact on improving the experience for all end users of the app.

Claim a country or region!

Most of the free apps in our Collaboration Hub are global in nature and require data from many countries and regions. As such, Data Collaborators are welcome to request that their activities focus on a specific country or region (e.g. Australia, Illinois, or Central America).

Everyone can help 🤗

People from virtually all skills and backgrounds can make a big impact on our free applications.

This includes those who are primarily familiar with spreadsheets, but we also welcome database pros and data scientists who are looking for ways to support data-for-good initiatives!

Teams welcome!

Organizations participating in our free Partner Program are welcome to "adopt an app" by inviting employees to volunteer as Data Collaborators. This not only helps fulfil coporate giving, brand, and content goals but supports the development of critical data-centric skills.

Teams contributing 5+ hours per month also qualify their organization for a free sponsorship package to generate positive impressions + clicks for the duration of their involvement.

Applicable apps-for-good

The following apps are published in the Collaboration Hub and ready to be supported by Data Collaborator volunteers:

Note: organizations are welcome to propose ideas for new apps, maps, and dashboards via our 'data collab' program.

Minimal time committment

Volunteers can make meaningful contributions by investing as little as 2 hours per month.

How to apply

Please email and include "Volunteering" in the subject line as well as the specific app you'd like to support along with any country or region focus.


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