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The Data Drop Panel for January 2022

Host Debbie Reynolds and special guests take a deep dive into the noteworthy, concerning, and downright fascinating stories featured in recent episodes of the Data Drop News podcast.

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About The Data Drop

The Data Drop podcast is a production of the Data Collaboration Alliance, a nonprofit dedicated to advancing meaningful data ownership and global Collaborative Intelligence.

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Full Transcript

Debbie Reynolds: My name is Debbie Reynolds. I'm a data privacy advisor strategist from Chicago. Welcome to though the node zero community at the data collaboration Alliance. This is the date of drop panel where every month we gather some of the leading data privacy and data professionals to hear about the news stories that stood out to the most in the past past month or so.

So. We have stories here featured today that are also included in our sister data dropped news podcast, which delivers a four minute data privacy news Roundup each week. So this month we have very special guests. We have Heidi Saas who is the founder CEO of H T SAS, LLC. She's a data privacy and data protection professional from.

DC area. We also have Sameer a Hario from Ardent privacy. He's a CEO and founder of that organization as well, also from the DC area. And then we have Jeff Djokovich, who is the founder CEO of privacy plan. He's also a data researcher and a dear friend of mine. So let's jump right on in. So Heidi, you have a story what's app Rewrites its privacy policy after record $225 million GDPR fine.

Heidi Saas: Yeah. Yeah. That one was a little bit more than just having to hit the swear jar. So, they decided to go and do a little bit more about it. What they did was say. We are not changing how we collect the information or how we share it or how we use it.

And you don't have to agree to anything new. They've just offered a little bit more transparency about what they're doing. So they've added more words to it. And if you start digging into the words, I was looking at it, oh, you can delete your account. You can do this and that. Well, if you want to learn more about data deletion, you can click right here.

And when you click right there, Here's what you get. So we still, yeah, we still got a few problems with transparency and it's great to me, but I, I think that this was right. This is the UK version of the WhatsApp privacy policy. I think what's also interesting is that this week I also got other privacy policies from updated other companies, such as the terms of service for.

Right. And Google, Google now says that their proxy policy, besides the terms, their privacy policy, although it's not part of the terms, we encourage you to read it. So, so Google has decided that the privacy policy is not longer, I'm no longer a part of their terms of agreement. So, I mean, there was a lot of shifting in the regulatory notices and things that are going out to people at the end of the year.

It's not just people getting upset and wanting more transparency. The question I think is what are people going to do now that they have the transparency, you know, more about what they're doing. Well, what are you gonna do about it? They're not going to stop, you know, so did you really accomplish your goal by getting them to take the step?

So I think, you know, they're getting bigger with the enforcement fines is adding a little bit more legitimacy, but are we getting closer to our goal?

Debbie Reynolds: That's a great point. I think people already misunderstand what their rights are and it isn't as transparent as it should be. Then also, you know, I think someone somewhere needs to address the fact that these things aren't written in plain English and they're entirely too long.

So I was like, do you sell my data or don't you? The other stuff too, but I'm gonna kill you with some words. So you're gonna not even know about it or care about it.

Debbie Reynolds: Yeah. What do you think Jeff?