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The Data Drop Panel for August 2022

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

This month, leading privacy and technology attorney Heidi Saas is joined by special guests Jeff Jockisch (CEO, PrivacyPlan), Sameer Ahirrao (Founder, Ardent Privacy), and David Blaszkowsky (Helios Data) for an lively dive into the latest noteworthy, concerning, and downright weird stories in data privacy, data protection, and data governance.

Scroll down to watch the video posted to our YouTube page or subscribe to our podcast to listen on-demand from your phone.

Pro tip: All stories featured in the show plus an archive of thousands are available to discover, bookmark, and share from our free Privacy Newsfeed app.

Data ownership podcast

The Data Drop is a production of the Data Collaboration Community where members access free privacy apps and crowdsource app-for-good projects from a digital hub that supports the Zero-Copy Integration framework. The show is published bi-weekly, alternating between 5 minute privacy news roundups and a panel format that features leading privacy pros in conversation about the recent developments in data privacy, data protection, and data governance that made them sit up and take notice.

About the Data Collaboration Alliance

The Data Collaboration Alliance is a nonprofit that’s dedicated to establishing CONTROL as the foundation of meaningful data ownership and global collaborative intelligence. Our approach of eliminating copies to achieve this goal is similar to how societies already protect the value of currency, identity, and intellectual property - and it works for data, too. Our advisors include the Executive Director of the Mozilla Foundation and the ex-CIO of Dropbox.

In concert with our partners, we're accelerating the establishment of new technologies, standards, and methodologies in data management and application development that support a future for technology that's more controlled, collaborative, and efficient.

Key programs:

  • Community - our members access free privacy apps and data crowdsourcing

  • Partner Success - amplifying products, content, and leaders

  • Advocacy - we support 'zero copy' technologies, standards, and methodologies

  • Research - we support proofs of concept for web3 interoperability

  • Software For Good - our partners support data-centric research teams

  • Speakers Bureau - thought leaders available for media and events

Stay up-to-date with our progress by subscribing to our newsletter and podcast and following us on LinkedIn and Twitter.



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