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The Data Drop News for Thursday, September 30, 2021

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

The FTC getting $1B for privacy. US government can surveil and modify Facebook and Twitter posts. Clearview AI hits back. California protects privacy of minors getting abortions. Over 60 millions fitness app records breached. Italy takes a dim view of Facebook smart glasses. $10M App Annie fine sets precedent.

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Data privacy news

FTC sets sights on Big Tech: $1 Billion proposed to create Digital Privacy & Cybersecurity Division

Facebook or Twitter posts can now be quietly modified by the government under new surveillance laws

'Chilling': Facial recognition firm Clearview AI hits watchdog groups with subpoenas

California governor moves to protect 'privacy' of minors who procure abortions

Over 60 million wearable fitness tracking records exposed

Facebook concedes iOS privacy changes are hurting its ad business

Italian data authority seeks clarifications on privacy from Facebook over its new smart glasses

App Annie to pay $10M in landmark SEC action

Russian Internet Giant Yandex Wards off the Largest Botnet DDoS Attack in History

Hackers That Obtained Employee Login From Dark Web Are Executing Ongoing Attacks on UN Agencies


PET news

Ketch raises another $20M as demand grows for its privacy data control platform

Launch Of Apple’s NeuralHash Technology Highlights The Privacy Pros And Cons Of Photo Scanning

Osano, a data compliance platform, raises $11M

Relyance AI Emerges From Stealth With $30M in Funding to Give Privacy Pros Real-Time Insights Into Their Codebase


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