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Node Zero community launches Privacy Legislation Grid

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

UPDATE: The Privacy Grid has been developed as a web app and combined into a multi-tool resource called the 'Data Privacy Gateway'. Check it out here and please remember to leave some feedback by clicking the green button in the header!

In recent times, it is rare for a week to go by without a new privacy law being announced somewhere in the World.

For privacy professionals, keeping track of the additions, changes, and inter-dependencies within this rapidly-expanding legal patchwork has become a serious challenge.

This growing complexity was the inspiration for the creation of the Data Privacy Legislation Grid which is freely available to members of the free Data Collaboration Alliance community.

The grid is hosted on a Dataware platform that supports a data linking capability that enables users to navigate among and between datasets as well data collaboration features that support crowd-sourced contributions.

Advanced research + reference tool

The Privacy Grid offers an in-depth taxonomy for viewing data privacy laws, discovering their interdependencies, and finding their commonalities.

Each law in the Privacy Grid is classified in multiple ways - including entirely unique ontologies:

  • Scope of Law (Comprehensive, Sectoral, Topical, etc)

  • Class of Law (based on Banisar Model, 1999)

  • Type of Law (i.e. Rules, Rights, Policing based on the Jockisch Model, 2021)

  • Who the law Protects

  • Who the law Regulates

  • What Information the law targets

  • What Sector the law primarily targets

Other data points include:

  • Details of Citation and Jurisdiction

  • Details of Scope

  • Origin Story

  • Descriptive text in many lengths and flavors

  • Enforcement Info

  • Data Subject Access Rights

  • Consent & Notification

  • Data Lifecycle Info

  • Legislative Requirements

  • Reference URLs

Simple navigation

The dataset offers multiple navigational elements to make the experience easier:

  • Color-coding for quick discovery of laws by type and pattern detection

  • Pre-filtered views for laws by type, country, and bookmarked laws

  • Advanced filters

Use cases

The Data Privacy Legislation Grid is intended for use by a variety of professionals who stand to benefit from free access to the details of Data Privacy Laws from multiple jurisdictions:



​Data consultants

​Inform assessments

​Privacy lawyers

Augment case research


De-risk IT developments


De-risk analytics projects

Compliance teams

Sanity check workflows

Privacy students

Support certification studies

Collaborate for data quality

Members are invited to collaborate on the Data Privacy Legislation Grid in different ways, including:

  • Leave comment

  • Suggest edits

  • Suggest additions

Contribute as data custodian

Members are encouraged to become "custodians" for laws (e.g. laws for children, surveillance laws, South African laws, UK laws etc) for which they have special insight or interest.

Get started

Members can click below to login to Node Zero and access the Privacy Grid!

Join community

The Node Zero community is free to join for data privacy, data protection, data law, data compliance, and data management professionals.



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