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Nandi Security joins Data Collaboration Alliance

Nandi Security enables a more secure, private and equitable internet for everyone.

About the Nandi Security

Nandi Security is an online privacy and security company focused on protecting connected homes. Their flagship product, Kavalan, protects the entire connected home from privacy and security threats. There is no software to install, no devices to buy and Kavalan can be set up in less than 5 minutes.

Nandi Security is a US based team of cybersecurity experts with decades of experience in cybersecurity. They believe there cannot be a realistic conversation about online safety without privacy at the forefront. Protecting your home and devices should not be complicated or expensive. Nandi Security believes families need control over the data that is being shared about them. Their work is intended to shine a light on the hundreds of daily privacy and security violations in our connected home and their product is the first step to helping families protect themselves more comprehensively.

About the Data Collaboration Alliance

The Data Collaboration Alliance is a nonprofit that’s dedicated to establishing CONTROL as the basis for meaningful Data Ownership and global Collaborative Intelligence. Our approach of eliminating silos and copies is similar to how societies already protect the value of currency, identity, and intellectual property - and it works for data, too. Our advisors include the Executive Director of the Mozilla Foundation and the ex-CIO of Dropbox.

In concert with our partners we're actively building the future we want to see through our key programs:

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