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Meet Dr. J. Vincent B. Oriedo, advisor to the Data Collaboration Alliance

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Vincent is an executive global technology and people leader and philanthropist with a passion for mentoring, coaching, and developing performance-oriented and possibility-driven strength-based leaders. His professional life focuses on biotechnology research and scientific development. An inventor and author, Vincent is a thirty-year veteran of a major American chemical corporation with a presence in over 160 countries.

Tell us about yourself

I have worked in a variety of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary technical and people and leadership roles across diverse functions and businesses and of course geographies.

In essence, my professional background is what I would call consummately very multifaceted. It spans being biotechnology research and development scientist and inventor, author, an executive global technology, and people leader. I also like to throw in the philanthropic aspect

My professional background entails these four forte categories: business enterprise leadership, science and technology, professional executive leadership on business, and professional coaching and mentoring.

What's your relationship with data?

Data is quite paramount in what I do and particularly within the environment with which I operate. Data-driven in just about every aspect of what we do and of course given the new paradigm shift which is the industrial revolution that is digital-based, the first of such an industrial revolution that doesn't involve some form of energy, change, or the other.

Data becomes extremely important. It is as a matter of fact what I refer to as a form of competitive advantage and the ability to mine that data effectively in order to achieve both our tactical and strategic objectives.

Why the Data Collaboration Alliance?

I would like to say that what excites me about the Data Collaboration Alliance in terms of its principle and program is our shared interest of adeptly, patiently, and aptly advancing the course of technological empowerment through data collaboration that also propagates effective data ownership driven alliances. So alliances that are driven truly by owners of data.

Indeed I find that this is an echelon or a winner of maintaining data quality, authenticity, accountability, integrity governance, and management via apt universality such as embodied in the data collaboration manifesto. These are the purpose control of data as foundational for meaningful data ownership and key to limitless co-creation of tactical and strategic leveraging through collaboration alliances.

Your invitation

I wish to extend an invitation to my colleagues and the sector such as the chemical and biotechnology industries, academia, philanthropic government, NGO or civil society, and others to visit the Data Collaboration Alliance website and get involved. Not only accordingly but adeptly as well.


The Data Collaboration Alliance is a nonprofit working to advance data ownership through pilot projects in sustainability, healthcare, education, and social inclusion. We also offer free training in the Data Collaboration methodology. Check out The Data Drop podcast on our website or wherever you listen to your favorite shows.


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