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New: Privacy Legislation Text app

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Joins a growing library of crowdsourced datasets and free apps available to privacy professionals in the Collaboration Hub platform

The members of the Data Collaboration Community have launched a free app to enable anyone to navigate Data Privacy Legislation from around the globe via a simple and intuitive interface.

Instant access to key privacy legislation

Now in BETA, the Privacy Legislation Text app provides instant access to all sections and text through a simple and intuitive interface (see below). It currently supports the following pieces of legislation:

  • GDPR (Europe)

  • California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA)

  • Bill C-64 (Canada)

Simple navigation

The Privacy Legislation Text app provides a fast and simple way to find detailed text from multiple legislation stacks with a standard, uniform interface:

  • Table of contents (with links)

  • Summary of key issues

  • Section links

Coming soon:

  • Subject Tags: we're in the process of adding tags (e.g. 'children', 'surveillance') that will surface matching sections across multiple pieces of legislation

  • Law Cards: we're also adding links to relevant 'Law Cards' found in our Privacy Law Navigator tool

Growing library of free tools

It joins a growing collection of crowdsourced datasets and free apps that support privacy pros and advance the global movement for increased data ownership:

Members are also encouraged to use the 'Feedback' tab to rate its usefulness and leave ideas for improvements. 💡

Use cases

The Privacy Legislation Text app is intended to be used by a variety of people who will benefit from open and instant access to privacy news stories from around the globe:



​Data consultants

​Inform client assessments

​Privacy lawyers

Augment case research


Support policy papers, white papers

Compliance Teams

Stay on top of important global news


Support course and certification studies

Data collaboration in action

The datasets that power this zero-integration application were crowdsourced by members of the Data Collaboration Community.

All member data is protected by a modern Data Governance Policy that includes a pioneering Data Owner Bill of Rights.

Get started

Join the Data Collaboration Community in 3 seconds to get access to this and a growing library of free privacy apps!

About the Data Collaboration Community

The Data Collaboration Community is operated by the Data Collaboration Alliance, a global nonprofit dedicated to meaningful data ownership and global collaborative intelligence. Our members and free partners access open datasets, free apps, and data-for-good projects. All users are protected by a pioneering Data Owner Bill of Rights. We also undertake research into the future of data and applications and operate a software-for-good program.


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