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Free Tool: Privacy Law Navigator

Updated: Jun 23

Free tool now available in the Collaboration Hub joins a growing library of free datasets and tools available to privacy professionals

Data privacy laws are changing rapidly. In virtually every major jurisdiction around the globe, lawmakers are either reviewing and/or updating their privacy laws in order to protect their citizens and businesses from increasingly intrusive data collection practices.

While this is a positive thing, it can make staying on top of things a distinct challenges for people who require access to these laws and their updates.

But now there's help. The members of the Data Collaboration Community have joined forces to crowd-source a free tool that enables anyone to discover a summary of laws from around the globe along with a host of useful links.

Instant access to global privacy laws

The Privacy Law Navigator provides instant access to thousands of laws from around the globe that are organized into digestible "Law Cards" that contain essential details and useful links (see sample below). We're also in the process of adding data that details timing and content of changes to laws.

Advanced privacy filters

The Privacy Law Navigator can be filtered by location (region, country, continent) as well as more detailed options for:

  • Class

  • Scope

  • Sector

  • Changed [coming soon]

Individual Law Cards can also be bookmarked for future reference via the Node Zero platform.

Use cases

The Privacy Law Navigator is intended for use by a variety of people who can benefit from open and instant access to privacy laws from around the globe:



​Data consultants

​Inform client assessments

​Privacy lawyers

Augment case research


Support policy papers, white papers

Compliance Teams

Stay on top of important global news


Support course and certification studies

Data collaboration in action

The dataset that powers this tool was crowd-sourced by the Data Collaboration Community and members are encouraged to suggest changes to any record in order to improve its quality. Members are also encouraged to hit the 'Feedback' tab and leave their ideas for how the tool can be improved. 💡

Growing library of free tools

The Privacy Law Navigator joins a growing collection of interconnected datasets and free tools that support privacy pros and advance the global movement for increased data ownership:

Get started

Joining the Data Collaboration Community is free. Click below to sign up in 3 seconds and get access the Privacy Law Navigator and a growing library of free privacy tools!

About the Data Collaboration Community

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