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Fit4Privacy joins the Data Collaboration Alliance

Fit4Privacy's mission is to provide businesses and individuals with privacy knowledge and skills.

The Data Collaboration Alliance is excited to announce that Fit4Privacy has joined as one of our partners!

Fit4Privacy believes that privacy is a global issue, therefore they provide their clients with solutions that cut across jurisdictions and boundaries. Their solutions are based on best-in-class privacy practices and provide a principled approach to privacy compliance.

They also believe that privacy solutions must fit and serve their clients' own business needs, adding that one cannot manage their business with a one size fits all approach. Therefore they provide their clients with solutions that are fit for the purpose.

Fit4Privacy also hosts a podcast for privacy and business leaders. The privacy podcast help business leaders to get an insight into the world of privacy by understanding how influencers are thinking about privacy in business, innovation, and new technologies. At the same time, it helps privacy professionals to learn by listening to fellow industry experts and influencers.



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