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CIN Talks E02 - George Anadiotis, Founder, Linked Data Orchestration

Data Collaboration Alliance president Dan Demers catches up with George Anadiotis, Founder of Linked Data Orchestration (and contributor at Gigaom, VentureBeat, and Zdnet) to talk about Data Ownership, Collaborative Intelligence, and the future of data and applications.

George Anadiotis has got tech, data, and media, and he's not afraid to use them!

Coming from an IT background, George has had the chance to learn to play many instruments on the way to becoming a one-man band and an orchestrator. He has worked as a Software Engineer, Architect, Consultant, Manager, Researcher and Analyst.

He has built and managed projects, products, and teams of all sizes and shapes, done award-winning research, founded startups, served Fortune 500, startups and NGOs, and lived to tell the tale.

George is the Founder of Linked Data Orchestration and is a contributor at leading tech publications including GigaOm, VentureBeat, and ZDNet.

You can also follow George on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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