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Partner Next Steps

Ways your organization can get involved

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Join collaborative community

Your people are invited to join our Node Zero community where they can access and collaborate on datasets in one or more domains that align with your organizational goals:

Collaborative Privacy

Collaborative Healthcare

Collaborative Sustainability

Collaborative Finance

Collaborative Education

Collaborative Agriculture

Collaborative Government

Collaborative Cities

Collaborative Metaverse


We support technologies and approaches that minimize data and eliminate copies in order to make universal control possible


We believe that control of data should be in the hands of its rightful owner (individual or organizational) or their temporary custodian


We support frictionless and inclusive problem-solving via data-centric approaches that de-prioritize data silos, data copying, and complex code

Partnering with the Data Collaboration Alliance is free and we invite all organizations who share our mission and vision to join us in crafting a new approach to technology that prioritizes meaningful data ownership and collaboration-based innovation.

Support your thought leaders

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Your c-suite and rising stars can raise their professional profiles via guest blogging,  podcast panels, and co-creating Master Classes.

Augment your skills programs


Partners have priority access to our free courses that provide live and on-demand instruction in data collaboration skills and Zero-Copy design. We also offer Master Classes on data-centric subjects.

Enrich your brand

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Partnering sends a positive signal to customers, partners, and investors that your organization is aligned with the global movement for increased data privacy and collaboration-based innovation.

Showcase your solutions

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We provide opportunities to demo your technology and solutions via our blog and, where appropriate, include in our data-for-good projects

Contribute with control

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Partners are invited to connect (via API or CSV) datasets to our data collaboration platform where they can be extended by our Node Zero community and leveraged by our data-for-good projects.  Partners retain full control over access and, as no copies are made, it can be fulsomely deleted. 

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