Frequently asked questions


When did the Data Collaboration Alliance start?

The DCA was registered in the Summer of 2020 and entered soft launch in September 2020. The alliance will be launching new programs and inititaives throughout 2021 and beyond.

Where are you based?

Our nonprofit registration is in the province of Ontario, Canada. Our leadership and partners are mostly based in North America.

How are you funded?

The Data Collaboraiton Alliance is funded by our partners who provide in-kind support to our programs. No cash contributions are currently accepted and we currently have no contributions from the public sector.

Are you a registered lobby group?

No. The Data Collaboration Alliance is taking a "lead by doing" approach. That said, we are happy to broker introductions for lawmakers and regulators researching data protection and data ownership.

Do you offer accreditations?

Not at this time. Our course are voluntary and offer proacticums via the Data Fabric Sandbox.


How do your partnerships work?

Our partnerships are free and no formal contracts are involved. Partners provide consent to publish their logo to our website and share the news on social media. More formal arrnagements may be created as the alliance matures.

Pilot Projects

How do your pilot projects work?

The Data Collaboration Alliance acts as a broker between the pilot project receiving entity and our partner organizations who provide their services on a free or discounted basis for the duration of the pilot project. Once the goals of the project have been met and the project ends, the receiving entity may chose to enter into a commercial arrnagement with any of the partners at their sole discretion. Similalrly, the partner may offer to continue their free or discounted services for an extended period ot time.

How do organizations apply to join a pilit project?

Interested organizations can book a disovery call at


What is the leadership structure?

The board of the Data Collaboration Alliance is comprised of Dan DeMers (President) and Karanjot Jaswal (Treasurer). Both are based in Toronto, Canada where they also form the executive team of Cinchy, a technology partner within the alliance.

How does the Advisory Board work?

Our Advisory Board is comprised of unpaid volunteers who represent themselves as individuals. Our advisors make partner and project referrals and make recommendations on our key initiatives. Our board members serve for a term of 6 months which can be extended based on mutal agreement between the advisor and the Data Collaboration Alliance executive team.

Learning Zone

Do you offer accreditations?

Not at this time. Our course are voluntary and offer proacticums via the Data Fabric Sandbox.

When will courses start?

Our goal is to launch our Learning Management System (LMS) in April 2021.

Will I need any special equipement?

You'll require a laptop, PC, or tablet device and an internet connection of at least 10Mb/s to stream course videos.

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